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Visual Arts Business Procedures Class

Throughout visual arts business procedures class I learned a lot of technical details about copyright laws, resume layouts, and starting a small business for myself.  Over this course I felt that everything we did was useful to us.  Learning how to write up a contract so there is no loop holes any one can jump through.  Also learning the correct terminology and wording for the contract and resumes was helpful.  The group activities helped stimulate social activity within the class.  Researching before the group discussions helped inter-grade the work into your mind more.  Seeing it, then hearing it, and seeing it again, I found to be helpful for me to remember dry material when I had a history teacher teach this way.  I found that more of the information was bound to stick with me, at least long enough to pass my history test.  I’ve always been horrible at mixing numbers up.  The research for the road-map to a small business was also helpful in learning a round about number that it would costs to start my own business.  Although, all the research it took to find those numbers felt like it took a week!  Over all I felt this course provided me with a solid foundation to start from if I wish to start a small business. 

The only negative thing I found was the Small Business for Dummies book was unnecessary and never used.  I brought the book to class every day waiting to see when we would actually use it in the class, however it never happened that way.  The bookstore said I needed that book for this class, however, never cracked it open once.  I’m sure it would be useful in the long run and maybe I can lend it to my mom to read over.  She has a small business in greenhouses that she runs from her home, mostly flowers and produce plants.  She travels to flea markets selling where she has built up a customer base.  I plan on joining her this upcoming season growing herbs.  So, once again I find the financial road-map helpful since this will help me determine what expenses I will have going into this venture.