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Depth of Field, Implied Shapes, Figure-Ground Reversal

2D Project, Handmade, Gray scale paper, Cut & Glue

This is a design from my 2D class which is composed of 3 art concepts. It was created with gray scale paper, cut with an Xacto knife, glued down with tacky glue, then flattened with a roller. The first concept addresses in this piece is Depth of Field.  Depth is shown thru the 3D squares and the boxes receding into the background.  Implied shapes are throughout the bottom of the piece with triangles and squares coming out of the background in whites and creams.  At the very top of the page, Figure-Ground Reversal is applied with the alternating black and white waves.  Figure-ground reversal is when it’s hard to tell the background from the foreground.



2D Project, Handmade, Gray scale paper, Cut and Glue.

This piece is made from gray scale paper cut with an Xacto knife.  I glued down the pieces with tacky glue, then flattened it with a roller so no edges pop up or pieces fall off.  There is 3 different sections in this work with 3 different balance systems applied.  The first (from left to right) is vertical or horizontal symmetrical, the middle is horizontal or vertical approximate symmetrical, and the last frame is radial asymmetrical.  It took a total of 4 days from start to finish to create this piece.  My influence for this design was interstate exit ramps and bridges.  The triangles and circles represent cars moving on the roads.  I believe I captured the chaos of how these exit ramps are in real life.